our next night market is Derby Night Market

March 10th 2016

Nottingham Night Market was a fabulous night, out first market in Nottingham. We were pelased to see 12,300 attend and make this night a spectacular evening. Stall holders had a brilliant night with food and drink selling out. Craft stalls all booked for our next night market in Derby on Thursday 17th March 5-10pm. 


December 30th 2015

Derby Night Market hit an all time ridiculous footfall of 20,000 in November 2015! We are so proud and with the 220 stallholders it was a huge success with food stalls selling out in a few hours and press coverage was wonderful, please see here: Want to read about the Night market?

Derby Night Market is set in the streets of the cathedral quarter of Derby city center. It is located around Sadler Gate, the Bell Hotel ballroom, Sadler Gate, Old Blacksmiths Yard, The Strand Arcade, The Avenue on The Market Place, The Guildhall Arches and rooms . It is a wonderful event with over 200 stallholders of street food and drink, live DJ's, live music, performers, gift inspiration, Craft, vintage, festive handicrafts, home decorations, fashion and food. The surrounding shops stay open too. The opening time of the market is from 5-10 pm and it is always on a Thursday Night. 




JULY 2015

It was lovely to see Sarah Bloor on BBC2 'Hair' program last night wearing some of my handmade hats.


More hats here on my website ranging from £37:

MAY 2015

Derby Night Market saw 10,348 foot fall at it this month. We are thrilled at 52 craft and food stalls and live music and 40 shops staying open. It was a great night we even made News At Ten.


April 2015


We have some wonderful fairs and markets coming up in the next few weeks. This sunday May 3rd is The Filthy Dirty wedding fair at The Silk Mill museum in Derby.

Derby Night Market is on May 14th we saw over 7500 come to the one we had last year.

And the new Derby Food And Drink festival hits derby market place on June 13th.




My studio shop is now based in Littleover. If you are interested in booking an appointment please write to:


With a wonderful end to last year the business feels like it's taking a different route and we are finding a lot of enjoyment with the markets and planning them. I've decided to do more markets ona alrger scale than I have recently so we are in discussions with the council in regards to this. Exciting times.


Here are some photo's of the last year



if you would like to see more photographs of the year and what we have been up to then please click on the link below:


8th May 2014

So it has almost been one year since I last blogged on here! Time has flown and it has been a roller coaster ride of moving shop twice, starting a market in Derby City Center and supplying Anthroplogie of regents Street London. The moving shop twice part i hadn't planned!

After moving to the shop of my dreams in July last year, a month later it was covered in scaffolding and impossible to sell from, the scaffolding was set to stay put for 9 months and ....suprisingly it is still there now, so it's good I moved. If you have the inclination to read about all of the hassles (haha) please use the links below but here's a taster, we went from looking like this:

to this:

and could no longer earn a living. I fought a legal arguement with the council who were my landlords stating clearly I was losing masses of trade and could not run the shop and was froced to close, I was only offered the equivalent of six weeks loss of earnings over the 1 year period and was forced to close down in december 2013 due to lack of trade from the effects of being unseen by customers and the enormity of noise caused by drilling.

Two weeks before closing, Blueprint the landlords of Old Blacksmiths Yard on sadler Gate contacted me as they had heard I needed a venue to run a market from, we had a meeting at the courtyard on Sadler Gate and i agreed to run the market there. In the process of having this meeting I spotted No. 10 Old blacksmiths Yard which was a tiny 15th Century building (looks a bit like a small Liberty's shop) and fell in love with it for a shop. We agreed on my moving in at very short notice and I moved within a couple of weeks. I opened mid February and the rest is history, I love it here and it is very picturesque and a perfect setting for a vintage shop. Here's the shop:

the market runs outside the shop in the courtyard, we have around 40 odd stalls and growing, ranges from art, vintage bric a brac, food, furniture, handmade items, live drawing, photgraphy, jewellery, vinyl records, mens clothing etc.

to view more of what we sell at the market please click here:


to view more on the shop info on moving and petitions and newspaper articles click here:


And....finally wonderful news I now supply Anthroplogie of Regents Street London. If you can't make it up to the shop or market you can buy my work in London, which ironically is on the doorstep of where i had my first retail job at sweet sixteen years old. (I worked in Bennetton folding jumpers at oxford Circus, probably where my passion for colour started!)


13TH AUGUST 2013

It was another works night out on Sunday. This time we went to the Gilded Merkin Burlesque in Nottingham and it was fantastic. There were some seriously cool hair accessories going on. In the words of Joe Black "the bigger the fascinator, the closer to God", so what are you waiting for? Go wild. And come and see us because no fascinator is beyond us. 

August 6th 2013

Hello all. What have you all been up to? I had a fantastic weekend. I went to a Sandhurst Ball, which was so much fun. The theme was 'The Last Days of the Raj'. Whilst I didn't dress to the theme I wore one of our headdresses - a beautiful antique French jet headdress, which I thought looked pretty good (if I may say so myself!) The whole thing kicked off with a Polo match and from that point onwards there was a lot of free-flowing champagne.... Talking of French jet we have some fabulous antique French jet necklaces in the shop, and headdresses can be made to order. 


July 16th 2013

Firstly, a HUGE thankyou to everyone who came down to support us on Saturday for our official opening of the new shop. The sun was shining, we were serving refreshing ginger beer and it was a fantastic day all round. It was great to hear everyone's positive feedback. For those of you who couldn't make it down there'll be a few piccies of the new shop.


With all this fabulous weather we're having, is anyone running out of summer dresses to wear? Come down and take a look at our vintage clothing - no one else will be wearing the same dress!



July 9th 2013

We've moved shops. Woooo. I can't believe we managed it all in a week. We had to strip our new shop bare, paint every inch of it, polish the floor and create our feature wall, move our name from above the old shop to the new shop, not to mention the small task of actually mpoving all the stock from one shop to another. I can't decide if it was made easier or more difficult by the fact we've only moved two doors down. But enough about that, come in a see for yourselves all of our hard work. Our OFFICIAL OPENING is Sat 13th July so come along down for a glass of bubbly. But if the excitement is just too much for you then get yourselves down here now because we are open and up and running in our new shop. It feels absolutely fab in here - we're right at home.


On another note, if you're off to the races this year then why not wear a headband instead of a hat? We've got some fabulous peices from the demure to the attention-grabbing, so come along a see for yourself.


July 6th 2013

What a gorgeous day it is! Is the summer finally here? And here to stay? Let's hope so. Last weekend I made some mint ice-cream so I'll be having some of that later today when I get home from work. Talking of ice-cream we've got some really cute little glass bowls, and champagne saucers, perfect for holding (and looking pretty at the same time) all that delicious ice-cream. 

The new shop is really coming along - it's going to be fabulous. Don't forget our official opening on Saturday 13th July. Come along down and say hello. We'd love to see you all and for you to see all of our hard work. In the meantime, just to keep you guessing, check our facebook pages and twitter for photos from this week of the new shop undergoing its makeover.

July 3rd 2013

The new shop is taking shape and I must say, it's gonna be fabulous. Come along down to 33 Queenstreet on SATURDAY 13th JULY for our OFFICIAL OPENING. We can't wait for you all to see our 'bigger, better and brighter' new shop!

MAY 31ST 2013

We now have a largish amount of mens and womens clothes in the shop that range from the 1920's up to 1980's. A good collection of mens vintage watches (always being re stocked too) Barbours, harris Tweeds and Aquasctum coats and vintage Burberrys. Really great condition and reasonable prices.

the womens ware varies from dresses from the 1930's and 40's right up to tweeds and Barbours and Aquascutums that are gorgeous. You Have to pop by to really get the jist of our chosen collection.

we still have the homeware section and add to it weekly, the sweetest hand knitted or crocheted blankets and ceramic pots and bakerlite bits and bobs to satisfy those discerning vintage and antique lovers out there.

Want to see more? take a peek for a taster here:

or come to the shop:

31 Queen Street


DE1 3DS. (opposite the Cathedral)


April hit us like a hammer with a shop full of stock. We had expected to have moved to the bigger shop two doors away but we are squeezed in our little shop expectant of being able to walk around a little easier once moved. It's been a tiring month but we are at the end of it with a light at the end of the tunnel. Having signed the Heads Of Terms we are about to move...phew!

With the move in mind we had hoped to open with a bang and launch the clothing but we have had to stock our shop with the clothing now to make sure the seasonal wear gets to you at the right time. So here we are, a shop full of men's wear and Womens Vintage wear. We certainly have some wonderful pieces of clothing and they have been recieved by you all with delight, had so many wonderful comments about the clothes and lots of purchases already.

We are listening to our customers so if you feel you want us to stock something please do

mention it to staff.

I'll leave you with some photo's of what we have in the shop.



We've been flat out these last few weeks getting new stock ready, doing photo shoots and getting a new shop. OH.... DID I SAY 'GETTING A NEW SHOP'?  yes... you heard right...we are moving! we are moving to a bigger shop with a basement and double windows and more room and courtyard and .....we CANNOT WAIT! so the good news is, it's next door but one (so not too far to walk if you forget we've moved) and well there is no bad news, it's brilliant and we are so very excited! We will be upping our stock and bringing you some gems and new pieces and introducing new ranges which is very cool for us as it's nice to see different people and new stock around us.

We will let you know when it happens and will upload new photo's to here so you can see what we look like inside the shop. Much the same just bigger...not us, the shop (cheeky!) in fact some of us have lost weight!

So, here are the latest things we have been making and the photo's we have been taking, just a taster of the photo shoot we had done last week of our new hair products:


FEBRUARY 1st  2013

Well it's been a very busy time in the shop, over Christmas and the New year, we have enjoyed ourselves alot. Sorry it's taken me almost 2 months to update this blog, various reasons, computer died, father was ill and in hospital and the shop was full on in December.

First things first, thank you ALL so much for the cards and texts etc re: my father.

Secondly thank you all for buying over december, we had a lot of fun selling and meeting SO many new customers, it was thrilling to see the shop so busy!

We are well under way into the new year and it's already going very fast. we have been making lots as you can see from the new stock, and we have some exciting things happening in the next few months to reveal. 

Hope you all had a lovely christmas and new year!

Here are some of the pieces we have been making inthe shop:


We have some fabulous stock in the shop at the moment, plenty of jewellery, handmade and up-cycled in fantastic quality and we've just got more silver jewellery and vintage and antique brooches....WE ARE FULLY STOCKED! 

Why don't you come in and get youself a little something to wear over Christmas for your celebration with your family or even something for New Year.

We are now open everyday up until Christmas day. 

Mon-Sat 10am - 5pm

Sun 10am -4pm




NOVEMBER 1st 2012

Well we made it to a year!!!

e have been in the shop a year with the date to celebrate on the 15th November we are thrilled it's going well and I personally am happy to have a fulltime job that I love.

A massive thank you to all our customers and friends (and mostly my family) who have helped to get us here.

Some pictures of what's been going on in the shop recently...




I've been reworking some crochet I found in the studio and spent the last week sewing and here we have made a wedding dress. It's a fabulous shape and hangs very Great Gatsby with a tiny trail. We can make these dresses with a colour twist or shorter or longer. they are at the moment in the shop as they are best tried on and altered as they are handmade, but orders will take approx 2 months to make and cost in the region of £400 upwards. 




We've been adding to the Vintage kimono range by making mini hats. They're adorable and can be found here on the site:



AUGUST 29th 2012

I had the priviledge to be in the paper last week and also on the radio on BBC Radio Derby. For the paper I was in the Business section talking about my career, and on the radio I was talking about failing your exams in school and still having a good career.

Both links are here for you to peruse:

the radio link: please push cursor forward to 1hour and 35 minutes to jump ahead and hear me...

(Link available until 30th Aug)

the newspaper:


We have Suzanne with us now, she works partime on thursdays and fridays, with Victoria working the other days. She runs the shop and has started making stock too, she loves knitting and crotcheting and is interested in lace making.

We are very lucky to have support from wedding bloggers who continously blog about our new ranges and the latest information about us. Here are two that we have been involved with for the last few years, and they have blogged about us in the last week, their websites are full of inspiration and fun for brides so do look if you're about to get married:

We have had a young lady with us for work experience called Lucinda and we did a shoot with her this month as she's so pretty, here are some of the photo's we did with my iphone (bit blurry sorry!) at Derby Cathedral. Lucinda has just been accepted to work for Dior of London one of the biggest fashion houses in Oxford Circus so she's off there to do a 3 month Marketing and Promotion internship in the marketing department. All the best to her!









We have been busy making a lot more headbands and tiaras and they are for sale in the shop and online (but we tend to have a lot more stock in the shop than online, always worth the visit as lots of jewellery is there too that we don't upload onto the website), by the end of August we should have double our range from previous months so it is well worth coming into the shop and looking and trying on. We also have a lovely range of shoes coming....which we are excited to see in the shop and on the website at the end of this month!

We've been busy with marketing this month and we have launched our new range of 'Alice In Wonderland' antique headbands. They are for sale on line here on the website under 'Alice in Wonderland' in the vintage category and also in the shop: 31 Queen Street Cathedral Quarter Derby, DE1 3DS where you can try them on.

Here is a sneeky peek at them, most are made from antique jewellery or 1930's and 40's Art Deco pieces with hand painted glass detail on hand dyed feathers with tiny insects dotted here and there.


JULY 13TH 2012

Karina Hesketh has written a lovely piece about our work (handbag craftswoman

"Everyone needs at least one "Sheena Holland" in their wardrobe, the best thing is her work looks much better than in photographs, is very beautifully made with a great deal of care and attention to finish, I have had one of her feathered hairbands for 5 years and with a lot of wear it still looks brand new, other cheaper products that may look similar, have fallen apart, feathers have "died" and hairbands bent. So price per wear I think Sheena's work out cheaper in the long run..also they are comfortable, have had a few that hurt behind your ears, but these are like wearing fresh air and once on they stay in place and you can just forget about them!"


JULY 10TH 2012

Well it's been a month since I last updated you as to what has been going on at the shop and Online. 

Busy as always with lots of changes. We now have two new members of staff: Jay who deals with Marketing and Sales online and in the shop, and Victoria who now works in the shop with the odd day when my father comes in and works. This leaves myself to work from my studio without interruption designing and making bespoke work and pieces to sell. 

If you wish to contact Jay regarding Magazines, films, advertising or anything in the marketing arena her email is: and she will get back to your questions. I am now working from the studio most days so if you need to contact me regarding bespoke headwear for yourself then do on: and I'll aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

Alternatively follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep updated...details at bottom of this page.


We've had brides coming from afar this month, Bristol, Swansea, Goucester and Buckinghamshire. It's been lovely to have people make the effort. We have so much more in the shop that certainly is worth the trip. We are about to have a lot more headbands in stock in the coming month, so do pay us a visit and browse.


JUNE 12th 2012

We've noticed a nice blog about wedding veils and headresses and we've been mentioned, here's the link:


MAY 30th 2012

I was on the BBC radio this morning talking about what we are selling in the shop and the commeorative mugs in the window display. Here's the link for the next week, I'm on speaking at :16:12


MAY 4TH 2012


The wedding fair with a difference went very well and we've seen the results with orders coming in (thanks to the Save The Date Magazine and blog).

I've been hard at making for the next season and have produced some very pretty deicately coloured headbands and tiaras made from vintage Kimonos, if you want to see them and try on please visit the shop: 31 Queen Street cathedral Quarter derby DE1 3DS...would be lovely to see old clients and new!
I'll leave you with some photo's of the latest shop window that has 1940's Black out blinds with lace bottoms and a nest of buterflies and tiaras:



26th February 2012

Some photo's from the fair I did at the weekend in Bristol:


I've been shortlisted for The Wedding Supplier Awards 2011 with The Bridal Magazine. I'm one of five suppliers shortlisted. If you'd like to vote for me my category is: ACCESSORIES, would be nice if you did vote. x

You can vote for me here:

14th february 2012
A lovely blog written about us by the wonderful Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair people. We will be selling at this fair next sunday, it's in Bristol Zoo which is damn fine as you get to see the animals, which is very special and it's free to get in to the Fair!

31st January 2012

So it's been a month since the last post and things are moving forward. Had a great month in the shop with lots of brides visiting and buying their headbands and tiaras and combs. I will be selling at Bristol Vintage wedding Fair which is at Bristol Zoo and absolutely fabulous! in February 2012, here's the link:
if you are based down south and need to come and try on pieces or discuss your wedding requirements it would be lovely to see you there, the fair is free to get in.
Other than that I had some good news from Vanity Fair in NewYork, stylist Ryan Hastings got in touch as he was doing a shoot with Annie Leibovitz photographing. They needed 10 x tiaras for a shoot they were doing last wednesday. So I'm hoping to get some lovely photo's from that..if it happened...and went to press. Fingers crossed as I love the magazine and the sylists work and photographer!
I'm attaching the latest photo's of the interior of the must come and visit at some point...

3rd January 2012
Happy new year to one and all! hope you all had a fabulous time either away or at home with family. I did both, went away and stayed in Derby and it was lovely. Now back in the shop, the feel is definitely bridal and brides and coming in and making choices as it's their year or they are planning for next year. Exciting times, please do visit if you wish to chat about your headwear and match your dress to the head piece, I'm always avaliable to talk ideas and thoughts through or help you decide on colours to go with what you are wearing to a wedding or at your own wedding. I can also design you something and make it from totally antique or vintage pieces. don't forget all my pieces are ONE OFF, so you aren't going to look like another bride, you are going to look very special on your day and feel special. I can even match the headpieces of the bridesmaids too if you wish so you feel there is some continuity to the whole day. A lady was in today and decided on a net piece in black and diamante for walking down the aisle and then chose a stunning diamante fringe tiara for the evening reception and because of her long black hair both were so striking on her. I'll post the photo's if she sends them and put them in the Clients Gallery (under header 'Contacts') for you to see.
Well have a fabulous time over the next few weeks and seize 2012, I've a feeling it's going to be a good one!
20th December 2011
With the shop in full motion now, life has changed a lot for Sheena Holland retail. The shop unexpectedly has taken a vintage view on sales and we are selling many vintage things and seeing a different aspect on the shop. we will be selling a lot more vintage bridal in the new year for all you brides so do please visit as we will have beautiful vintage dresses from the 1940's - 1980's (one off's) which are lace and satin and netted. I am making many more headbands in the weeks to come for you brides to peruse and try on with thoughts of your big day ahead.
Do please come and visit us in the new year, we really do sell lots of lovely things and many pieces of handmade vintage and antique jewellery that have nothing to do with weddings. I'm hoping to get stoles and lace pieces for those of you that are getting married and need something over your shoulders.
I'll leave you with some photo's of the shop over the last few weeks...

28th November 2011
The new shop opened with lots of fun and many people visiting, thanks to all who came that first week,it's been an exciting time. Wedding dresses are arriving this week, and handmade jewellery is for sale in the shop aswell as vintage pieces and mens accessories, so there's plenty to buy for your man too.

24th October 2011
Welcome to my first blog, I'm sitting here wondering what to write about, some would say give up now. I've been asked by a few clients to write a blog about my inspirations, facinations and general makings that aren't for sale so this is where I will be posting such things on a weekly basis.
Right now here at Sheena Holland we are preparing to open a shop in Derby Cathedral Quarter which is very exciting. It should be open in the next couple of weeks and will go under the name of sheena Holland.
The shop will sell the usual Sheena Holland handmade wedding pieces, tiaras heabands, feather pieces, hats, jewellery, but there will be added pieces of art for sale hung on the walls, the odd bit of vintage beauties and the general sort of thing you'd put in a Hope Chest or Trousseau. For those of you that don't know what a trousseau is, it's a place, ususally a box or in Victorian times was a chest that kept a hopeful brides' belongings for her special day and her Honeymoon and the years after. So we will have handmade garters made from vintage and antique lace, earrings, vintage cases for honeymoons, feather boas, feather capes, vintage bridal get my drift. We will also have available for you to buy a range of old haberdashery lace, feathers, glass buttons and beautiful ribbons for that special occasion.

So, first up in my blog, is Triona Doyle. A prolific photgrapher come artist/stylist who I have been working with for the past few months on photos of my work. Here is her blog link: we first met up at the lovely photographer Ewan Mathews (my old studio space) and chatted about similar interests and design and a love for antique quirky things. I asked her if she was able to photograph my work and after styling the headbands in her lovely unique way she has posted me the final work, Here they are and I must say, I adore them!

I hope you enjoyed the first post and I look forward to spilling more beans on the shop soonish.... to contact me please email:



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